The Maximal Energy is a full-service, market-leading commercial real estate company that is changing the way you can find, achieve, and maintain the greatest value in vijayawada and beyond. We offer a comprehensive line of brokerage, management, and consulting services.

Our principals at The Maximal Energy grew up in Vijayawada and thoroughly understand the people and the market. And unlike national firms, all are hands-on, in the field, working to provide value for our clients.

When it comes to commercial real estate, you want to be sure that your business has the space it needs and wants while still being competitively priced and in an ideal location. The Maximal Energy, a full-service commercial real estate company, will help you get exactly what you need from its extensive network of properties and contacts throughout the world’s commercial hotspots. The Maximal Energy can offer everything from small business leasing to massive office tower management; no matter what you need, it’s here for you. To learn more about how The Maximal Energy can make your business even more successful, contact us today!

Biggest Benefits of Working with Us

In today’s competitive commercial real estate industry, our clients want to work with a reliable partner who can provide them with exceptional customer service and genuine advice that can help them find ideal spaces. At The Maximal Energy, we take pride in providing superior customer care and unparalleled expertise so that our clients feel comfortable every step of their commercial real estate journey. Our top-notch services include business research and market analysis, tenant representation, lease negotiation, facilities management consulting and project management.

We C.A.R.E. In Everything We Do

COMMITMENT to our clients, company & community.

ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions & results.

RESPECT for ourselves & others.

EXCELLENCE in all we do.


we build residential villas  for private living quarters, with lot of facilities. Residences built on a single land with no shared walls are known as single-family homes. A garage, whether attached or detached, is sometimes present.


we Build commercial villas for  commercial activities take place. Commercial buildings include office buildings, including retailers, restaurants, offices or manufacturing, Industrial buildings.


we Build Industrial Buildings for  industrial activities take place. Industrial building means a building or part thereof wherein products or material are fabricated, assembled or processed, such as assembly plants, laboratories, power plants, refineries, gas plants, mills, dairies and factories.


Infrastructure projects focus on the development and maintenance of services, facilities, and systems. These can be funded by private companies, publicly, or combined as a public-private partnership (a collaboration of government entities and private sector companies). The private investments can help manage the economic development of a city, state or an entire country.